Church holds vigil for father who needs kidney-pancreas transplant

Easter vigil for father who needs kidney-pancreas transplant ATLANTA, Ga (CBS46) — An Atlanta church held a special vigil for a member who is in need of help, but he used the time to bring attention to others who are suffering.

George Dorsey needs a dual transplant — both a kidney and pancreas. The procedure will be done at Georgetown University and will mean he will be away from his wife and four children for three months.

On Easter Sunday, members of the Cornerstone of Faith Christian Ministries held a special vigil to raise awareness and hopefully raise some money to help the family. There is also a Gofundme set up to help Dorsey and his family.

The special transplant cannot be done with a live donor.

But Dorsey wanted to take the time to raise awareness about the importance of live kidney donation as an option for so many other patients. "The kidney transplant teams around the country are really looking for donors that can help other people. Not just me, I’m not just here for myself. I’m here to spread the word," Dorsey told CBS46 News.

He said he was touched by the special service. "It gives me a sense that God is working in my life."

According to the National Kidney Foundation, the kidney-pancreas transplant is done for patients who suffer from kidney failure related to type 1 diabetes. That is the case for Dorsey.

The first successful kidney-pancreas transplant in the United States was done in 1966. In 2015, about 700 were done.

If you want to learn more about becoming a living kidney donor, you can go to the National Kidney Foundation’s website here .

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