ACCORDING TO BRADY: What’s the best method — traditional medicine or home remedies?

This circumstance likely is familiar to you.

As you review a new medical condition — and plan an attack against it — you discover there are as many home remedies as drugs for use in the battle.

Got the flu? Honey, lemon and tea are key. Muscles sore and aching? Soak in a hot tub with a couple scoops of Epson salt. Avoid wearing tight clothing especially over the treatment area is suggested for combating radiation fatigue. And now there’s this figure in the health fight: medical marijuana for certain approved ailments.

The puzzling information, as well as inner examination over whether even to drop popular pharmaceuticals, can deliver a mild headache, which itself has an alternative remedy (massage neck and temples).

Now take my prediabetes account.

Soon after my doctor said my A1c blood sugar level was too high, I learned prediabetes is a growing trend in Bucks and Montgomery counties, as well as nationwide. And not long after I wrote a column here about it, a reader comment was posted.

“I was determined to get my blood sugar lower, so I diligently followed some diabetes diet,” wrote the woman, Marie, diagnosed with Type 2 in June 2017.

The diet wasn’t enough, she said, and so her doctor ordered a pharmaceutical drug and said insulin injections also might be necessary. That’s when she found another remedy.

“I was finally able to get off the drug in just three weeks of following this regimen diligently. I also shed some weight as well. This story once again showed me that natural remedies might one day replace drugs.”

The story tells readers to examine “How Ella Freed Diabetes,” and the site leads them to the “International Council for Truth in Medicine” and the opportunity to purchase a $37 “7 Steps for Health” guide to eradicate diabetes symptoms.

“The best and the only way to beat diabetes is the natural way,” she says in a website telling her story.

Well, the "natural way" is indeed an alternative remedy. Is it the "best way"? The "only way"? Will it be effective?

It’s an unconventional method and likely works for some patients, but I have to go with the traditional means in this situation.

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